Living & Thriving Beyond the Fear

“There are very few monsters who warrant the fear we have of them.”
– Andre Gide


In the era of COVID-19, fear and how it impacts our decision making is critical to understanding how we move forward in 2021.

The question many have is how we get back to normal when no one can define what normal looks like anymore.

Fear is a fundamental part of who we are as human beings, so how do we live and thrive beyond the fear of the unknown world to come?

Do you want to know:

  • What is Fear and Where Does it Come From?
  • How Do I Know What is a Real Fear and What is Not Real?
  • How Do I Live in the Unknown?

Then this 1.5 hr. program is for you!

Who would benefit from this course? Are you…

  • Finding yourself unable to move forward with decisions?
  • Second guessing every decision you make?
  • Worried about making the wrong decision?
  • Unable to set goals, make plans, or remain flexible?

What does one gain by participating in this course? You will receive…

  • An understanding of the origins of our fear: Neurobiological origins, Sociological impact, and Psychological consequences of fear will be introduced to help the participant understand more about themselves and how fear has impacted them in their decisions and actions or inactions.
  • The ability to recognize when fear is a truth or a manifestation of the implied: Until we can identify our fears, assess their reality, and then assess the truth as a fear relates to our wellbeing – mental and physical, it is difficult for us to move forward in reclaiming our power.
  • Tools that will help you recognize the reality of fear, the weight of fear and the ability to put fear in its place, when necessary: Mindset does matter because we inherently possess a fear bias in everything we do from choosing what clothes to wear to pitching a product or idea to a potential investor. The answer to managing that fear is found in being open to new ways of taking control of the outcomes as you move forward with fear by your side.

How do I know this program works?

In this course, participants will walk away knowing how to live and thrive beyond the fear by being introduced to 3 areas of understanding:

  1. Understanding the Reality of Fear
  2. How to Take Back Your Power
  3. Effective and Tangible Tools to Succeed

In this 3-part 1.5-hour presentation, you will spend time not only learning about fear but participating in interactive group brainstorming and problem-solving sessions. Each participant will have an opportunity to share their real-life concerns, worries and fears with others. Find that they are not alone in their experiences and fears, building a community of consciousness.


This experience will allow everyone to have confidence as they move forward when fear becomes a factor in their decision making, answering the question, what is it? Is it real? Can I live with it? How do I move forward with it?

Overcome Fear

6 Week

1x per week for 1.5 hrs

Pricing: TBD

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