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I had the pleasure of having Kendel as my professional coach during my time as a fellow with The Honor Foundation, a career transition program for SOF veterans. Our conversations ranged from discovering what I want to pursue in my next occupation, to who I am as a person, to my philosophy on life, but one thing remained constant - Kendel's ever present and mindful coaching. Not one session went by where I didn't ask myself "Where did the time go?" Her active listening, validation, and thoughtful feedback helped me hone in on what I need to do to achieve my goals. I highly recommend Kendel as both an effective coach and mentor.
Kendel is an amazing life coach. I sought her out, after meeting her at a military spouse event, in which I was already considering being a life coach. Being able to see firsthand all the benefits that come from a life coach experience, was extremely rewarding. Kendel and I have been working together for the past three months, and she has been able to ask all the right open-ended questions to help me discover underlying issues, that I didn’t even know was an issue. She was a great listener, always writing things down, as I spoke, so we could review them afterward. She goes above and beyond, sending me articles that pertain to our previous conversation, which tells me, that she is paying attention and truly cares. One day, I too, would like to be a life coach, and if I am half the coach she is, I know I will be successful. I highly recommend Kendel, as she is a gifted, talented and a highly qualified, professional coach, who can help you remove roadblocks to achieving your goals.
Crystal R.
Life Coach| Veteran| Business Owner| Speaker
I was introduced to Kendel through a work colleague and I have to say it was one of the best parts of Summer 2020. I began my professional career about three years ago and was unsure of where to go next in terms of professional and personal development. Not only did Kendel work with me to answer tough questions and challenge me in constructive ways, she also made me feel at ease and more confident in how I move through professional circles. I can now say that I have a plan on where I want my life to go for the next few years and it is because of Kendel. She is welcoming, warm, funny, and open to digging into all sorts of difficult conversations. She is what a coach should be.
Elyse King
Project Manager | Social-Private Partnerships
Kendel is very gifted at helping you find your new path. As a military veteran and military spouse, who left full-time work to focus on my family, I struggled for many years to find my new full-time career in something I really wanted to do. Kendel was the perfect person to help me find my way out of the maze of confusion and indecision. She gave me direction and concrete steps to make the decisions only I could make for myself. She guided, provided the resources I needed and followed up to make sure I was on track. I have already recommended her to a friend and I will continue to do so as I meet others who need help finding direction in their career.
Kathleen (Kennedy) Clark
Senior Accountant at Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.
During the turbulent summer and fall of 2020, Kendel helped me think through some tough career questions. Unfortunately, with career uncertainty due to COVID-19 and a baby on the way, there seemed to be limited time and space for intentional career planning. However, Kendel guided me through purposeful self-reflection during this critical inflection point. Together we discussed and identified areas of my work that I hope to continue growing towards and what career paths best suited this growth. I now feel that I have clear career and work-life balance goals.
Beth Milne
Project Manager Specializing in Education & Training
“Working with Kendel gave me the pause and the push I needed during a challenging valley I found myself stuck in. I was in a professional and personal rut that I had never encountered before. It was confusing, frustrating and finding direction was hard. Kendel was the spark that helped me to better read life’s roadmap and move forward confidently and purposefully. Her energy, compassion and care were constant, and she helped me find that better path.”
Richard C.
Government Specialist, Alexandria, VA
“Kendel is an excellent listener and asks questions that really make me think. Sometimes I understand the challenges I'm facing and other times I don’t. In either case, Kendel is ready and willing to tackle the issues in front of me this week but also able to keep the big picture in mind as well. I find that when I’m talking to her, and responding to her questions, I often make connections and realizations that I haven’t before. Working with Kendel, who is listening, acknowledging, and responding to my goals, really helps me figure things out. I feel that Kendel, and the Life Coaching approach, would be beneficial to almost anyone. I’ve recommended her to several friends and work colleagues."
Sean M.
Technology, Burke, VA
“My journey with Kendel is just beginning and I couldn’t be excited! The best part about our connection is the personal level of friendship we share. This level increases my trust in her. Anyone who doesn’t know her would find it quite easy to make immediate connections because of her caring nature. Kendel is also very detailed oriented, which I am too. The way she helps build progress seems effortless as she keeps me focused by asking “ok, what’s next?” on my agenda to achieve my goals for a career change. I also appreciate her advice on decisions that I want to make. Her approach is more of reflection, she helps me see a perspective I can’t; and that tends to guide to better decisions. So “what’s next” on my agenda? Making sure I plan more appointments with Kendel!”
Kellie H.
Education, Falls Church, VA
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