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“The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose.”
– Robert Byrne


Robert Byrne was right. Think back on when you participated in purposeful work. How did that make you feel? How did that improve your self-worth, self-esteem, and overall sense of a fuller life? When we work and live with purpose, we work and live in a feeling of fullness. A fullness that creates in us a sense of joy and happiness.

Can you answer yes to any of the following? Are you…

  • Searching for your purpose in life?
  • Looking for a new direction?
  • Reevaluating your priorities?
  • Craving more meaning in your life?

The Purpose Clarity Program was created to help those who seek a fuller, more enriched life.

Are You

  • Wrestling with a life situation or transitions? Are you going through a major life transition, a personal awakening, or reinventing yourself after an illness, divorce, job loss, relocation, or disaster? Are you trying to reclaim/rediscover your identity, or are you trying to identify your future direction now that you are not working, or are you dealing with changes in the composition of your family – empty nesters, parents of boomerang children, etc.?
  • Trying to make a critical career decision? Are you a graduating senior or recent graduate, are you seeking a job or changing careers, or are you returning to work after a stint as a stay-at-home parent, care giving, or due to an illness? Are you evaluating your retirement options or relocating military spouse or military personnel re-entering the civilian world?
  • Deciding about your academic future? Maybe you are trying to declare a major, figuring out what graduate school program to apply to, or deciding to return to school.
  • Struggling to find meaning in your life? Are you retiring, volunteering, parenting, recovering from illness or injury? Are you looking for direction in their life rather than in their career?

Benefits for You

  • More clarity about who you are and what gives you a sense of meaning
  • A clear statement of your purpose
  • Ideas about how you can bring purpose to your life through your work and service 
  • An action plan to achieve your goal

How This Works

Purpose Clarity is a 20-year proven strategy. Broken into a 4-part six-week program that will help them answer the question: what do I want to do with my life?

The program is broken down into the following 4 sections:

  1. Preparing the Way: Clients identify their passions and interests.
  2. Brainstorming: Clients brainstorm up to 40 ideas in less than an hour.
  3. Synthesizing: Clients use their top ten ideas to discover their purpose.
  4. Planning: Clients create a plan for how to bring their purpose to life.

In each of the 4 parts, you will dive deep into understanding your passions and interests and turn them into a clear purpose and direction.

Over the 6-weeks participants will meet once a week for two hours for group coaching. In each session the coach will work with everyone on their new discoveries, awareness’s, and new and exciting challenges. 

In-between the group coaching sessions, participants will “peel back the onion” in self-reflection as they work each week’s assignment to discover their truth.


Upon conclusion, each participant will have a clear direction towards a defined purpose. Once the purpose has been identified, the participants will begin to create their action plan, setting them up for success!

Purpose Clarity: Turning Your Passions into Your Purpose and Direction

Copyright © 2007-2018 Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, BCC

Level 1: Bronze – Group Coaching

6 Week program Group Coaching – 1x per week for 2hrs.

Level 1: Bronze


6-10 Attendees

15% Discount

Level 2: Silver – Group Coaching

6 Week program Group Coaching – 1x per week for 2hrs.
BONUS #1: Individual Coaching – 1x per week during course
BONUS #2: 3 Additional Individual Coaching – 1x per week post course

Level 2: Silver


3-5 Attendees

10% Discount

Level 3: Gold – 1 on 1 Coaching

6 Week program Individual Coaching – 1x per week for 2 hrs.
BONUS #1: Extra Individual Coaching – 1x per week during course
BONUS #2: 3 Additional Individual Coaching sessions – 1x per week post course

Level 3: Gold


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