Winning The Wall Program

“If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”
– Michael Jordan


Many of us decide to change course or stop all together in pursuit of our goals because we have run into a “wall”. That wall can be anything from loss of energy, desire, finances, to feelings of resistance or rejection. The question that we must ask ourselves is …how real is that wall?

Winning the Wall is about creating a plan of action to get you from dreams to reality, from plans to action, from purpose to prosperity as you strive to reach your fullest potential – whatever YOU define that to be.


  • I want more, but I do not know how to get there
  • The potential is within me, but the task seems overwhelming
  • I am ready to make the commitment, but I am struggling to find the direction


  • An 8 – Week Intensive Program
  • Weekly 2-hour group or individual coaching sessions
  • A proven formula for strategic success
  • Access to support throughout the program

If you are ready to commit, you are a perfect candidate for Winning the Wall!


  1. Online Virtual Working Group or 1 on 1 Coaching
  2. Weekly Coaching calls
  3. A structured 8 Levels towards Success training manual:
    • Level 1 – The Assessment Tool: Identifying My Strengths
    • Level 2 – Verifying Your Goal: Narrowing Down the Desired Outcome
    • Level 3 – Reflections: Worries, Concerns, & Fears
    • Level 4 – Determining Your Long-Term Goal Requirements – Stage 1 Towards Success
    • Level 5 – Determining Your Short-Term Goal Requirements – Stage 2 Towards Success
    • Level 6 – Creating Your Plan of Action – Part 1
    • Level 7 – Creating Your Plan of Action – Part 2
    • Level 8 – First Step Challenge: Real Time Action towards Your Goal

In each of the 8 Levels you will be asked to take a hard look at what is true, what is not, what are your strengths, your weaknesses, what is actual and what is wishing. In the end, you will come away with an enduring path to success defined by you, with your goals, and your desired outcomes and purpose in mind.

Over the 8 weeks participants will meet once a week for two hours for a group coaching call. During these calls, participants will share their insights, outcomes, and plans of action. The goal is to understand that at no time do we face these walls alone. As you discover who you are during this time, you will also discover what and who you need to be successful.

In-between the group coaching sessions, you will take the time to do the work of self-discovery, actions required, goals needing to be set and achieved, and how to achieve the desired outcomes.


Upon conclusion, each participant will have a clear structured plan towards a defined goal. Once the plan has been formalized and ignited the accountability framework and follow-up will be critical to ensure success!

Scaling Offers

In the world of Zoom access to the best programs has never been easier, more affordable, or more accessible to a larger audience that is ready to make a strategic plan of change in their lives and future.

Level 1: Bronze – Group Coaching

8 Week program Group Coaching – 1x per week for 2hrs.

Level 1: Bronze


6-10 Attendees

15% Discount

Level 2: Silver – Group Coaching

8 Week program Group Coaching – 1x per week for 2hrs.
BONUS #1: Individual Coaching – 1x per week during course
BONUS #2: 3 Additional Individual Coaching – 1x per week post course

Level 2: Silver


3-5 Attendees

10% Discount

Level 3: Gold – 1 on 1 Coaching

8 Week program Individual Coaching – 1x per week for 2 hrs.
BONUS #1: Extra Individual Coaching – 1x per week during course
BONUS #2: 3 Additional Individual Coaching sessions – 1x per week post course

Level 3: Gold


1 on 1 delivery


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